Experience our exceptional legal services - personalized, expert and results-oriented. Whether you need to collect amounts - debt collection - settlement - loan scheduling ETC..


Companies in service


Received licenses


Professional lawyers

⭐Collecting regular payment amounts

⭐Collecting financing account payments or defaults

⭐Collection of disputed amounts

Labor claims

⭐Collecting insurance claims amounts

⭐Collection of debts for construction and maintenance works

⭐Debt collection for engineering consulting offices

⭐Collection of mortgage amounts

⭐Collection of real estate installments

⭐Settlement of real estate disputes

⭐Real estate debt collection

⭐Collection and settlement of difficult and almost non-existent amounts

• We help you with all your installments in one installment according to regulations and law
• Settlements and negotiations with banks for loans and credit cards
• Loan scheduling (individuals - companies)
• Transfer from one bank to another according to regulations and laws

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